Energybolizer Complete Combo with Original

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Lose 5-20lbs in one month and improve your health with the Complete Combo from Energybolizer!!!

Package Contains One of each of the products below for a full months supply

Energybolizer Original Formula
Original tried and true multi-herbal formula with patented chromium ratio for more energy, increased fat metabolism and a myriad of other multiple health benefits.

Energybolizer FUSION formula
Our Newest addition to our lineup; Fusion formula has been made to help further curb appetite and cravings throughout the day and meant to be “FUSED” with the Original/Advanced formula and Tea, hence the name “Fusion”.

Energybolizer Perfect Weight Tea
The absolute best Detox/digestive support tea in the market!!! Formulated in 2008 and perfected throughout the years. Removes build-up fecal matter accumulation within walls of digestive tract and the colon, supports gut-flora with pre-biotics and doesn’t deplete important electrolytes. Will help visually flatten distended abdomens and further promote a healthy weight a digestive system.

In the morning
after Breakfast take one capsule of Energybolizer Original formula (or one capsule of the Advanced formula).

In the noon after eating your lunch take one capsule of the Energybolizer Fusion Formula. (you may take an additional capsule throughout the day if needed)

Right before bed time prepare 1 cup of Energybolizer Perfect Herbal Slimming Tea.