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Lose weight, build muscle, reverse the aging process, and boost your energy.
Olax offers some of the most effective products on the market. And what's best is all of our products are completely natural! Founder Octaviano Aja has spent years developing these health and wellness supplements. Mr. Aja, former body-builder and professional motocross star, first began his journey toward ultimate health after a debilitating accident.
A Terrible Accident. A Miraculous Journey.
While training to compete in the Mr. South America bodybuilding showcase, Mr. Aja suffered a broken vertebra in his back as a result of intense muscular training. After several surgeries and years of physical therapy, Mr. Aja was told by many experts that he would never be able to professionally compete in bodybuilding or motocross again. Mr. Aja embarked on a personal journey to combat his feelings of depression resulting from physical inactivity. He consulted with leaders in therapeutic herbs from the vast corners of the globe ranging from healers in remote villages in South America to obscure spiritual leaders in Europe and China.
What ensued from Mr. Aja’s personal journey is the development of EnergyBolizer®, a natural herbal formula specifically designed to increase physical energy, improve your metabolism and slow the aging process. This formula allowed Mr. Aja to climb out of self defeat resulting in athletic achievement that many leading physicians had once told him was impossible.
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Be Your Own Boss, Make Money, Help Others, Be Healthy
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Our Commitment to You

Bringing hope to communities around the world.

At OLAX we are committed to serving communities around the globe by providing a wide-reaching line of products designed to enhance individual motivation toward the attainment of personal goals and the achievement of excellence. Our commitment to providing all natural herbal supplements in the safest, most cost-effective way, is a value our company holds with very high esteem. 

As a company, we strive to:

  • Convey the sense of personal achievement depicted succinctly by our product designer and owner, Mr. Octaviano Aja. This is at the forefront of our company purpose.
  • Provide inspiration from the adversity and triumph of Mr. Aja’s personal experience, by providing hope to those who are in need of a superior health solution.
  • Emphasize the development of inner strength and a self motivating characteristic which defines Mr. Aja’s experience in the development of our product.

Our commitment to product safety and community benevolence depicts our devotion to our client needs and serves as a direct impetus for the adaptation of the ever changing environment of nutritional supplements. 

Company Objectives and Values

Striving To Improve the World

Company Objectives:

  1. To proactively serve the community by providing effective nutritional supplements as an effort to maximize each individuals youthful exuberance.
  2. To place increased emphasis on individual well-being through the use of our products, thereby enhancing personal quality of life.
  3. To stimulate distributor/customer interaction to reflect a shared vision of accomplishment. With a product line easily accessible to everyone.
  4. Define product accessibility by maintaining reasonable (per bottle) prices throughout theproduct line.
  5. To promote organizational sales through effective marketing campaigns, accentuating corporate/distributor relationships.
  6. To facilitate forward-thinking growth strategies by incorporating quality of life concepts, product accessibility, and distributor motivational tools to intensify sales forecasts.
  7. To accommodate forward-thinking growth strategy which will coincide with organizational efficiency standards.
  8. To emphasize product safety as an organizational priority, while utilizing the development of a [preventative] product-recall plan as a means of illustrating ethical fortitude.
  9. To become a globally recognizable industry leader and a valued nutritional supplements company.
  10. To demonstrate to our distributor/consumer base that an individuals well-being can be achieved through the inspiration which formed our product’s evolution.

  1. Consumer accessibility towards individual improvement and the attainment of personal well-being through the continued use of our product line.
  2. Being responsible to our distributor base for continued motivational training and sales techniques.
  3. Continuing development of consumer base expansion across national, regional, and demographic barriers.
  4. Remaining as an instructional partner to our consumer base according to our philosophy of living well, healthy, and with a youthful exuberance that transcends bodily aging and metabolic processes.
  5. Capturing the inspirational values illustrated during the development of our product formula, the painstaking achievement instrumental in our product evolution, and the incorporation of this journey towards individual well-being.
  6. Uplifting our consumer/distributor base by conveying a sense of hope, inspiration, and achievement through emphasizing our commitment to standards of safety and product line effectiveness.

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